Best Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin – The Full List to Explore (2018)

Do you want to learn how to earn free Bitcoin?

The markets are heating up! After a big drop in value during early 2018, Bitcoin values are heading for the skies again. That means it’s a great time to get in on investing in this volatile cryptocurrency. Wall Street investors are waking up to the potential of Bitcoin, with one person buying over $400 million worth!

But what if you don’t have that kind of money?

It’s hard to succeed when you can’t even get started.

Just imagine this: every day you wake up to discover new Bitcoin in your virtual wallet. You’ve set up a system that lets you harvest valuable currency on a regular basis, and you’ve spent almost nothing. You just put in a little time playing games or clicking around webpages.

Does that sound like a dream?

Actually, while it takes a little while to set up, this kind of Bitcoin generation is entirely possible.

Be honest. We all want to make some extra money. The key is finding the best way to do it. After all, not every app or generator is actually going to help you acquire bitcoins. Some are ineffective, others are scams. It can take a long time to figure out which ones will really work for you.

Don’t want to take the chance?

Read on to see all the best ways to earn Bitcoin online.

How Can I Earn Free Bitcoins?

Traditionally, people get their bitcoins either by mining them through intensive computer tasks, or by trading them for goods, services, and other currencies. Those aren’t the only ways to get BTC, however.

Instead of sitting and wishing you had the savings to invest in the Bitcoin boom, you could be earning spare bit-change playing games, performing small tasks, or just browsing the Internet. The key is signing up in the right places.

All Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

Listen: there are just a few basic ways that people earn bitcoins. They include apps you install on your computer or another device, services you perform for compensation in BTC, playing games, and affiliate programs. Plus, there’s plain old mining and trading.

That’s it!

If you want to get cryptocurrency without putting in your own money, these are the ways to do it.

Free Bitcoin Apps

Do you spend a lot of time on your phone?

Maybe you dedicate hours to browsing on a tablet, instead. If you’re a dedicated device user, free Bitcoin apps are a convenient way to earn a few extra satoshi.

Most mobile apps for earning bitcoins are games. Playing a certain amount of time earns you a few fractions of a Bitcoin. It might not seem like much, but those add up!

Blockchain Game

This game rewards you for watching ads and playing to build the longest chain of blocks. The longer the chain you build, the higher the reward. This simple game is available for Android and iOS.

  • Easy to play and understand, with genuine payouts.
  • Enjoyable game mechanic
  • Works on most devices
  • High claim threshold
  • Ads sometimes freeze or lag

Bitcoin Jump

A game with an extreme retro feel, Bitcoin Jump requires you to guide a ball through moving bars. It’s similar to a game for your old Atari or early computer, but with one twist. While you play, you also earn bitcoins! Every five bars you pass, you earn a gradually increasing reward.

  • Simple game that’s hard to crash
  • Fun retro feel
  • Constant increase in payout
  • Unattractive graphics may be hard on the eyes

Alien Run

Like the title says, this game is about helping an alien run. Guide the alien through the maze, watch ads, and earn satoshis while you do it! Adventure mode offers hundreds of levels, and there are new daily missions on a regular basis. Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Finishing levels earns a Bitcoin reward
  • Daily levels make play more interesting
  • Prone to freezing

Free Bitcoin Mining

Mining is the most common way to earn bitcoins without spending any other currency. Unfortunately, mining usually requires a very expensive hardware setup and draws a lot of electricity. Be honest: you want free bitcoins fast. You don’t want to put in a huge investment and do all the work to set up your own node.

The good news is that you don’t have to!

Just download a free Bitcoin mining program and join a mining pool. By working with other users, you can improve your odds of successfully solving a block. Then, you split the reward with everyone. Only users who don’t pay for their own electricity can truly mine for free, so make sure to watch your power costs.

Check out the following free software to get started with mining:


This software works on Linux, Windows, and Android, and provides a graphical interface for easier use. EasyMiner also offers automatic configuration and performance graphs to help you visualize how your mining is going.

  • Multi-platform software works on a wide range of devices
  • GUI is easier for most users than command-line programs
  • Not available for Mac or iOS
  • Does not work with all hardware


The underlying miner for EasyMiner, CGMiner is also available on its own. This program operates only through the command line, which can be difficult for some users. CGMiner works on all desktop operating systems, however, and provides a wide range of configurable options.

  • Overclocking and fan speed control
  • Most-used by cryptocurrency miners
  • Works on Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Command line interface only
  • No mobile version


This software is an off-shoot of CGMiner and shares its command-line interface. BFGMiner offers more versatility and lets you control a wide variety of factors.

Features include dynamic clocking, monitoring and remote interface capabilities. It works on a range of devices, including less-common CPU and GPU systems.

  • Extremely versatile and works on most operating systems and hardware
  • Designed specifically for ASICs
  • Large range of features can be confusing at first
  • Only works through the command line

Free Bitcoin Faucet

Are you bored on the bus or wasting time before bed?

We thought so: it happens to most of us. Instead of spending that time staring into space, you could be earning fractions of a Bitcoin doing small tasks. All you need to do is sign up on a website or download the right app.

Here are a few Bitcoin faucets to get you started.


This faucet page offers between 70 and 100,000 satoshis per hour on a random spin. You can also earn bitcoins for watching short videos, completing surveys, installing mobile apps or completing offers.

While this faucet pays relatively well, you may have to wait to withdraw your cryptocurrency. Cointiply requires you to earn 35,000 site credits before withdrawing through Faucethub, or 100,000 for withdrawal directly to your wallet.

  • Wide range of activities to earn bitcoins
  • Relatively high-paying faucet
  • High withdrawal minimums


A combination faucet and gaming site, offers 10 to 35 satoshis and pays out once an hour. You have to earn 30,000 satoshis to withdraw to your wallet. The site uses its faucet to encourage you to play games, sign up for bonuses, and complete offer-walls.

  • Faucet makes a good introduction to the rest of the site
  • Pays fairly well overall
  • Distracting site design

Multi-Coin Faucet

This site lets you claim 140 satoshis or more every half hour. It also lets you roll virtual dice once per hour to claim an additional 180 satoshis. Other features include a hi-lo game, raffle tickets, and a coin flip game.

  • Many options for acquiring bitcoins
  • Also offers an Ethereum faucet
  • Had payout trouble in 2017
  • Requires 70,000 satoshis before it pays out

Free Bitcoin Spinner

No article on earning bitcoins without an investment would be complete without mentioning Bitcoin spinners. Somewhere between a game and a raffle, these apps and webpages are pretty simple. Just spin the wheel and see where it lands. If you’re lucky, you win a tidy parcel of Bitcoin.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it is, in some cases. Not all Bitcoin spinners really pay out, and many have disappeared suddenly from the app store or web. Here are a few that are still running.

This very simple site features a virtual fidget spinner and not much else. You drag to spin each time. The spinner dispenses a random number of satoshis, and there’s no limit on how much free Bitcoin you can make.

Sounds too good to be true?

You’re right: periodically, you may need to complete an offer, watch an ad, or fill out a survey. You can also make BTC by referring friends to the site.

  • Reduced minimum payout as site becomes more popular
  • Video tutorials make site easier to use
  • Minimum payout of 50,000 satoshis

Free Bitcoin Spinner

This app lets you win satoshi by spinning a brightly colored wheel. Most payouts are small, but it’s possible to win up to 10,000 satoshis per day.

You do have to conduct all your transactions through a Coinbase account, and payouts are limited to once every three days.

This app is a simple way to earn a little Bitcoin here and there without much investment on your part.

  • Readily available through the Google Play store
  • Clean interface that’s easy to use
  • Available only to US users
  • Shows short ads between spins

BTC Spinner

A near-clone of, this site also gives you coins for spinning at no cost to you. Every few spins, you’ll be presented with a captcha to complete, then you can keep on playing. The site includes a 15% bonus affiliate program to increase your earnings.

 It’s easier than you think!

  • Robust affiliate bonuses
  • 10,000 Satoshi withdrawal minimum
  • Site offers no public FAQ or contact information

Free Bitcoin Lottery

Most methods of obtaining bitcoins without spending your own money provide only a tiny fraction of a coin, a few satoshis at a time. It can feel like it takes forever to earn even enough to cash out of your favorite site. One place where that isn’t always true, however, is the Bitcoin lottery.

Lottery sites give you the chance to earn larger amounts of bitcoins in a regular drawing.

Most require you to buy tickets or tokens in order to enter, but what if that’s the whole reason you aren’t buying Bitcoin?

If you can’t or don’t want to invest in a Bitcoin lottery ticket, there are still a few possibilities.

Combination faucet-and-lottery sites let you earn a few satoshis to start, then use them in games and regular drawings. If you’re skilled and lucky, you can increase your earnings without spending a thing to get involved.

Other lottery sites are willing to give you a tiny amount of Bitcoin or a few proprietary tokens in order to get you started. They’re betting that you’ll have so much fun, you’re willing to invest in a chance to win more later on.


The acronym stands for “Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery,” but this site offers some beneficial features. In order to sign up, you do have to deposit bitcoins. That rules out YABTCL for people who have yet to earn their first satoshi. If you have a little to deposit, you can play this Bitcoin lottery for free, however.

The site gives you three free tickets per day, then charges based on the numbers you want to play. It balances this by giving you a little free currency to start.

That’s right: you need currency to sign up, but not to play. You have to pay to choose the lotto numbers, but the site gives you free bitcoins! All that confusion still might be worthwhile, since you could win more than one Bitcoin if you’re lucky.

  • Free lottery and instant lottery options
  • Generous prizes
  • Potentially confusing system can make participating difficult


Despite a suspicious-looking name, this site is one of the most popular lotteries to date. offers an hourly lottery that offers up to $200 in free bitcoins. It also allows you to play Hi-Lo for additional earnings and offers a weekly prize and referral program.

  • Several different ways to win free bitcoins
  • Games available to increase your winnings
  • Hourly drawing tends to pay relatively little

Tasks On a Website

Bitcoin faucets often ask you to watch an ad or click a box in order to continue earning bitcoins for free. They aren’t the only sites that will give you coins for tasks, however. If you’d like to turn your hand to performing small jobs in exchange for satoshis, there are several sites that will let you do just that.

In short, it’s a way to do a little work on the side in exchange for Bitcoin – no expensive hardware required! Here are a few sites where you can perform tasks.


The Bitcoin version of micro-tasking sites, CoinWorker lets you earn tiny amounts of Bitcoin through your browser. You earn points by doing short tasks, then convert those points to coins once your account reaches 200 points. Tasks are provided by a San Francisco-based company called CrowdFlower.

  • Long history of fair operation
  •  Pays quickly once you reach 200 points
  • Tasks can be hard to come by, making progress slow


This site offers an unusual task for visitors. You can get paid to read classic books! Paidbooks credits your account for every 5-10 minutes you spend reading on the site.

At the end of the week, it sends the money to your wallet. Users earn between 90 and 120 satoshis per five minutes of reading on a page that also displays ads and Captchas.

  • Weekly payments for a more predictable schedule
  • Unique activity for earning bitcoins
  • Low pay overall


This site is pretty simple. Users post questions and offer a reward for the answer. You log in, do a bit of research online, and post an answer.

If you gave the best response, you get the reward!

This model is a great option for quick thinkers who can come up with a concise answer.

  • Simple and useful model
  • Questions come with a minimum payment amount
  • Not much traffic
  • Payment isn’t guaranteed for answering

Micro Jobs

At first, micro jobs might sound a lot like the small tasks you can perform for apps or websites. There is a difference, however. Tasking involves watching individual videos or solving specific captchas in order to get Bitcoin.

Micro jobs are more like smaller versions of your day to day work. Depending on the site, you could be hired to write code, design a logo, or write an article.


This site works a lot like other freelance job sites, such as UpWork. Employers post job opportunities to the site and freelancers bid on those jobs. The money can be held in escrow until the job is completed, and the site helps handle disputes.

The big difference with XBTFreelancer is that all jobs are paid in Bitcoin, and can be cashed out to your mobile wallet within 15 minutes of receipt.

  • Milestones and other site features protect both parties from fraud
  • Prices set by the worker via bid system
  • Fewer jobs available than on mainstream freelance sites


Another cryptocurrency-based freelance site, Cryptogrind pays in Bitcoin or US dollars. It’s like the Bitcoin version of Fiverr, though prices aren’t set by the site.

  • Clear and usable site design
  • Site takes a low percentage of earnings
  • Relatively new site with low traffic


This isn’t a site at all. Instead, it’s a sub-reddit where workers and employer meet up to get jobs done, with all the pay in bitcoins. This forum is much less formal than most micro-jobs sites, which can make it easier to post and get paid.

That same informality can be difficult, however: there’s no third-party mediation or protection from scams. The good news is that an outside escrow service like EscrowCoin will fill the gap nicely.

  • Established source for jobs that pay in Bitcoin
  • Consistent daily traffic
  • No built-in protections for freelancers or employers

Blockchain Games

Did you know that there are a lot of games using blockchains and other bitcoin-related technology, but they don’t necessarily use Bitcoin?

Features that originated with cryptocurrency, such as wallets and tokens, have become really useful to secure in-game items and provide value to players.

For instance, trading card games such as Spells of Genesis and Force of Will use the blockchain to secure their players’ cards. You own the cards inside and outside of the game, the same way you would a real card, or even a Bitcoin. This makes it possible for assets from one game to be used and owned in another.

What does that have to do with earning Bitcoin?

You might wonder how blockchain-backed games can help you get free cryptocurrency.

You’d be right to ask!

The truth is that when more games use this technology to secure their assets or pay for in-game prizes, it gets easier to earn and spend Bitcoin. As blockchain technology gets more popular, so do the currencies it supports.

Keep an eye out for blockchain-backed games that accept or pay out in satoshis. They’re sure to become more common.

Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Do you already have a blog with a few affiliate links? Have you thought about getting into affiliate marketing, but you were unsure how to start?

Bitcoin affiliate programs could be your route to an effective marketing income. Use your blog or social media presence as a way to get started with Bitcoin today!

Bitcoin affiliate marketing works a lot like ordinary affiliate programs. You sign up with a network, then use the right code to link to products in your content. Visitors from those links who look at or buy products earn you a small fee, paid by the program. Most networks use conventional currency, but there are a few programs that pay in Bitcoin.

Here’s a look at some of the best.


This service processes Bitcoin payments for merchants, as well as buying and selling cryptocurrency. Coinbase provides commissions to affiliates when a new refer buys or sells bitcoins valued at $100 USD or more.

Commissions are paid at a flat rate of $10 per referral, but you don’t have to earn a minimum amount to receive a payout.

  • Coinbase is a major part of the Bitcoin economy
  • No minimum for payout to your wallet
  • Payment is made to your proprietary Coinbase wallet
  • Referrals must spend money before Coinbase pays a commission


This online Bitcoin marketplace pays affiliate fees for users who arrive from your site, register, and also make a trade. LocalBitcoins pays commissions daily to its proprietary wallet, with funds taken from the new user’s registration fee.

  • Bitcoin-related business already involved in trading
  • Daily commission payouts
  • Fees are paid only after visitors register and take an action on the site


For everyone who wants to buy bitcoins with their debit or credit card, CoinMama is here to help. If your blog or website helps them find this site, you’ll receive a percentage of CoinMama’s commission for all referrals.

These commissions accumulate forever, but they’re only earned when your referral spends money. CoinMama pays out once per month, directly to your Bitcoin address, and requires no minimum earnings.

  • Regular, direct payout with no minimum requirement
  • CoinMama pays out commissions as long as a referral spends money
  • Commission percentages are relatively low


Also known as the Virtual World Exchange, this site exists to help people buy bitcoins using the currency of the game Second Life. VirWox will pay you 20 percent of all its commissions for every referral you send.

These commission payments happen every time a referral converts from SLL to BTC, and the go on forever. Like CoinMama, VirWox pays its affiliates once a month. Unlike CoinMama, VirWox won’t pay automatically to your wallet and does require some minimum earnings to pay out.

  • Eternal commissions on every referral
  • Higher commission than other sites using this structure
  • Low overall commission rate
  • Minimum threshold for payout

Can I Get Free Bitcoin on Telegram?

Telegram messenger might seem like an unusual place to find free bitcoins, but it’s surprisingly popular. The fast pace and casual nature of a messaging app means that it’s easy to interact with bots and humans willing to part with small amounts of Bitcoin.

Just make sure to be careful: the fact that it’s easy to set up ways to get free Bitcoin on Telegram means it’s also easy to run into scams!

Here are a few bitcoin-related entities you’ll find there.

Telegram Lotteries

Bots on the popular messaging service Telegram provide weekly and even daily lotteries. Some are willing to provide free satoshis to help you get started, but most require an initial payment to enter.

These lotteries are highly informal, with new bots appearing constantly and old ones changing their names, so it’s best to look around if you want to find the latest one.

  • An easy way to potentially win free Bitcoin without signing up for a website
  • Relies on a widely-available messaging program
  • Hard to tell whether the lottery will actually pay out

Telegram Bot Games

Some bots on Telegram aren’t running lotteries. Instead, they’re playing games with fellow users. Bots such as Dino Park Game give you free bonuses of in-game currency that you can later convert into money.

As you play, you earn more of that currency and have opportunities to use it to play even more effectively. When you get enough currency, it’s time to cash it out to your Bitcoin wallet. Many games also provide income through referrals of other players.

  • A fun way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin
  • Referral program increases your possible earnings
  • Spending money instead of earning it can be tempting
  • Earning Bitcoin is very slow

Free Bitcoin Generator

Despite what you might see on Google, or in a Facebook ad, there’s not such thing as a free Bitcoin generator. Some people refer to sites like Bitcoin faucets as “generators,” but those are really ways to earn Bitcoin through very simple tasks, without investing in hardware or buying currency on the open market.

Let’s face it: if you’re not buying Bitcoin or mining it, there’s just no other way to produce it.

Part of the idea of Bitcoin is that it’s a finite resource. In the end, only a certain number of bitcoins will ever exist. Right now it’s possible to mine some of the undiscovered ones if you have the right kind of hardware.

It’s also possible for someone to give you some of their own bitcoins. No algorithm or computing cloud can make new ones, however. In fact, if someone says it’s possible, you might be looking at a scam.

There’s no such thing as truly free bitcoins. Getting this currency requires either time or money. Stick to sites and apps that are clear about how you earn your Bitcoin and leave the generators alone.


A word of caution: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are popular enough to attract scammers. It’s important to check out any webpage, app, or bot that offers you free Bitcoin.

Even previously-safe ones can be taken over by someone else, so make sure you do your homework. Here a few things to watch for if you’re concerned about free Bitcoin scams.

  1. Unrealistic promises – If an exchange says you can get abnormally good rates, or a faucet promises a much better hourly payout if you only invest, your senses should be tingling. While there are reasons for people to give away Bitcoin, they usually offer only a tiny amount.
  2. Membership fees – While there are reasons for a club or website to charge membership fees, it shouldn’t be to invest in cryptocurrency. Anyone who’s willing to buy or earn Bitcoin can invest, no extra fees involved.
  3. Required downloads – Some “faucet” sites claim they won’t work until you download their software. This is a common way to distribute viruses, trojans, and other malware.


Does anyone actually use Bitcoin?

While it’s still relatively new, Bitcoin is being used by more people and organizations every day. Even some restaurants and stores take it, along with a wide range of websites.

Can I make money with Bitcoin?

If you’re smart and lucky, it’s definitely possible to make money with this cryptocurrency. Just beware of any promises that don’t follow basic economic rules.

How can I pay for things with Bitcoin?

Paying with Bitcoin is about as easy as paying with a credit card. Simply enter the address of your recipient and the amount you want to pay, then press “send.”

Final Thoughts

So, it might not be easy to get truly “free” coins, but you can still earn some of this hot cryptocurrency without investing any money of your own. The key is to find the right site or app and make sure you have reasonable expectations.

It’s true that no one’s going to get rich trying to earn free Bitcoin, but faucets, games and the occasional lottery are a great way to get started!

Check out your options for earning a few free bitcoins today.

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