Best Kucoin Review – Heaven-sent Solution For You in 2018

If you are looking to invest in the safest and modern cryptocurrency exchange program, then look no further, Kucoin is the heaven-sent solution to your search. It was founded by a dedicated team which has a passion for Blockchain technology.

This team has a vast experience in building giant companies in this category like the Ant financial, Jianbang communication among others. Kucoin is a platform which aims at providing its users with an easy currency conversion method which is also safe.

The company has made tremendous achievements despite having been launched recently. It was launched in May 2017. The developers of this platform have gone ahead and created iOS and Android mobile apps. The team has also launched a bonus plan known as Kucoin Bonus Plan as we can clearly see from the following Kucoin review.

Is Kucoin Easy to Use?

So what does Kucoin have to offer?

Kucoin has advanced features which its users can benefit from. The platform also has an easy to use interface. It’s one of the easiest and nicest platforms which also offers a seamless trading.

The process of using Kucoin is easy and below is a simplified process that you will follow to be able to use this platform:

  • Visit the Kucoin sign up page.
  • Read the terms and regulations carefully to know what you are getting yourself into and then enter your email address and password.
  • You will have to verify your email address by checking your mail.
  • Once you are logged in, you are free to customize your settings, manage your rewards and track your assets. Enable its 2-factor authentication to secure your account further.
  • Select the coins you would wish to deposit and select the amount to deposit then press confirm after confirming the address since each coin has a unique address.

Using Kucoin is as easy as these steps outlined above.


  • Possible promotions – This platform offers its users the following promotions: Discount options for KSC token holders, highest traders’ promotion bonus and referral program.
  • Offers sufficient liquidity – Despite being a new platform, we can observe that this platform seems not to have any issues regarding liquidity.
  • Advanced charting and good performance – This platform has an advanced charting, a nice design, and technical indicators.
  • Offers a vast array of cryptocurrency – The Kucoin platform offers a vast number of coins, approximately 80 coins.
  • Reliable customer support – Kucoin customer support is available at all times and you can also contact their technical support at any time via hotline, e-mail or through their website.
  • Competent professional team – Kucoin has been developed by a team with vast experience in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The team also places great emphasis on development and research which helps in boosting confidence levels for the users.
  • Secure platform – Both the platform and wallets in this platform are secured using multi-level layers. The storage of micro withdrawal wallets is in a private network which was built by the Amazon Web Services cloud. The macro wallets are stored in the bank.
  • Powerful interface – The API interface of this platform is powerful and has a consultant team of financial experts.
  • Stability – Kucoin is designed with multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture and also takes the precaution steps taken by banks to further stabilize the platform.
  • Competitive – Kucoin’s platform is competitive and offers reasonable withdrawal fees.
  • Bonus – There are invitation bonuses meant to encourage further growth of Kucoin platform. If you register a new user, you get a bonus.
  • Fast – You can make withdrawals from Kucoin in less than 10 minutes and make deposits within two minutes.
  • Promotions – KCS token holders stand to benefit a lot from Kucoin promotions. One of the benefits is a passive income.
  • Does not support fiat currency – The platform does not support fiat currency, credit cards, and bank transfers.
  • The platform is not regulated and lacks trading margins.

How to Register Accounts

Registering accounts on the Kucoin exchange is easy and simple. The following is the simplified process which will guide you on how to register on this platform:

Enter your email together with your password – After you have entered your email address you will receive further instructions from the verification email. You can proceed to adjust some settings after you have successfully logged in your kucoin account. Managing reward and tracking assets can also be done after you have logged into your account.

Enable 2FA – it’s highly recommended that before you begin trading on any platform you should secure your account, this is also recommended in the Kucoin exchange too.

On the setup tab, you will see a Google 2 step up tab. Make sure to write down the back up secret code down on a piece of paper least you forget it since you will be using this code every time you attempt to log in. After these three simple steps, your account is ready and you can begin making deposits.

How to Verify Accounts

Verification of Kucoin accounts is an easy process once you have created your account. To verify your account, you will receive an email prompting account activation.

By clicking on the link of the email address that you received, Kucoin verifies your email address and keeps you logged in automatically most of the time. If this does not happen, you can always log in using your email address and password.

Payment Methods Accepted

Kucoin accepts Bitcoin as the method to make deposits into the platform. The accepted method of making withdrawals is through cryptocurrency.

Always use an exchange and avoid brokers. This will definitely save you money and time.


How to Purchase Cryptocurrency

On the platforms trading page, you can choose the trading pair you would wish to invest in. The coins you can purchase on this platform include NEO, USDT, BTC, KCS, and ETH.

After you have picked your preferred trading pair, you will be taken to the platform’s trading screen where you will be able to view order book, candles and then you can proceed to buy or sell your crypto.

The first time you log in this account, you are prompted to give your Google Authenticator code before you are allowed to trade. I know this can be a bit irritating but it really helps in securing this platform further.

Whenever selling or buying crypto from an exchange, make use of limit orders and not market orders since limit orders attract lower fees compared to market orders.



One of the major aims of this platform is to offer reasonable fees for both withdrawal and deposits, making Kucoin an affordable platform.

Deposits are free of charge and trading accumulates very reasonable charges of 0.1% depending on your purchased assets. The withdrawal fees depend on the cryptocurrency that you are purchasing, GAS and NEO can be withdrawn free of charge.

Withdrawal speeds depend on the number of coins that you purchase. Withdrawals of less than 50 Bitcoins will be processed instantly mostly in just a few minutes. Larger withdrawals may take slightly longer to get processed.

While we are it, it’s important to know that most of the fees charged eventually find their way back to the user. Users with KCS accounts tend to benefit more since half the amount of transaction fees is sent to their accounts as a bonus. Then the 40% remaining is then shared among users as invitation bonus.


Any good news here?

It’s a great relief to learn that there are no daily limits on the amount you can withdraw or deposit daily on this platform. However, large withdrawals will have to be manually configured. Also, there are no limits on the amount you can deposit on Kucoin.


Making deposits and withdrawals from this platform is fast and mainly depends on the amount of cryptos to be deposited or withdrawn. Any withdrawal with less than fee*100,000 will be processed instantly while on the other hand higher withdrawals might take slightly longer.


Despite the fact that this platform is one of the newest entrants in the cryptocurrency market, Kucoin has gone ahead and quickly established itself among the community. By having its own token and holding polls which other coin communities can join, the exchange has built a good reputation with its users.

What’s the secret?

The fact that Kucoin is also able to draw in ICO before some if not most of the earlier established exchanges, makes it very reputable and popular among users. Below is a list of the big shots recently listed on this platform:

  • Horizon state
  • Red plus
  • Ethlend
  • Power ledger
  • Substratum
  • Request network
  • Quantstamp

Being associated with the above big shots ICO has boosted this platform even further. They are all successful ICOs which are currently delivering gain multipliers to their participants. For individuals who have not been lucky enough to be involved in ICOs then Kucoin is a must have for you. This is because Kucoin is fast building its reputation as the preferred post-ICO platform.

Value your coins in BTC. This is because the primary current currency is Bitcoin. Acquaint yourself with BTC charts to be able to follow market trends which everyone else is analyzing.


Is Kucoin Safe?

From this Kucoin review, we can clearly see that it is indeed safe trading platform. There are several security levels on the operational level and the system.

The fact that the system level was designed by the use of financing level standards has helped a lot in ensuring that this is one of the safest platforms to be used. All the sensitive data is stored on the bank’s level data encryption.

Any additional security here?

Sure! The platform employs a dynamic authentication multi-factor.

The operational level is safeguarded by a dedicated department on internal risk and another one for the operational processes. These departments have very strict operational guidelines and data usage involves approval from the multi-level review.

The mere fact that this platform has been developed by a team with vast knowledge in this industry should be enough to inspire your confidence level of this platform.

Security and Customer Support

Both the operational level and the system level have measures which are meant to ensure your security. Apart from employing a dynamic multi-factor authentication, the platform also stores clients’ sensitive data on a bank’s level of data encryption.

Customer support on this platform is on point and professional help is offered. You are assured of your issues and questions being reviewed in a timely and professional manner. The support team also listens and takes suggestions from users and their support is available all day long every day. You can also email the team directly.

Kucoin Alternatives 

The following are other platforms which are alternatives to Kucoin:


Another Chinese trading platform for digital assets which uses Binance Coin.


A Chinese trading platform based in Beijing which provides secure and professional trading services for digital assets. The platform also supports the trading of the following cryptocurrencies:



An advanced trading platform offering trading in futures. Developers of this platform are renowned developers who have also developed other companies like Alibaba and Huawei.


Built for professional Bitcoin traders, it’s a highly secured and safest trading platform. In this platform you can keep track of your account, profits and your trading improvements making it the perfect trading tool for almost everyone looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency trade.


This is a crypto exchange created and operated in the United States, one of the outstanding features of this platform is its outstanding security. The fact that it has a customized trading engine and allows for faster deposits makes this platform to be viewed as one of the best exchange platforms.


A Korean exchange which is also integrated into the South Korean popular chat app known as kakao Talk.


It’s one of the largest exchange platforms which offers its users with real-time fluctuation in rates and crypto prices in a real-time manner. This platform enables its users to make and receive payments at any time regardless of where they are located.


This is a European cryptocurrency exchange established in 2014. It provides its sophisticated and new users with an excellent and professional trading platform.

This is a Cryptocurrency exchange which offers safe and professional digital trading. It’s a platform with low withdrawal and trading fees and offers cold-wallet storage.


This platform is owned by the iFinex Inc. It has been one of the largest platforms for Bitcoin exchange, it has a customized interface thus its users can customize their working space in accordance with their needs. The platform also offers their users with advanced security features. It allows the exchange of the following cryptocurrecies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • NEO
  • IOTA
  • Spankchain
  • Dash among many others

What Do Reddit Users Think About Kucoin 

Some of the newest users wanted to know how to go about loading coins on the Kucoin trading view since they have tried searching Kucoin but nothing comes up like Binance does. The users can actually view Kucoin trading view from the website which is slightly flooded at the moment so logging on to the website can take a few minutes to do so.

Majority of Kucoin users seemed to agree on one common thing, the trading experience in this platform is awesome and excellent. Save for a few issues like slight delays in the past they all seemed to agree that this is a trading platform to actually invest in.

A number of traders wanted to know when they will be allowed to export their trading history from Kucoin most of the members wanted this history in order to be able to pay taxes. They are offering a suggestion that Kucoin should make it possible for users to export this history to excel.

It is quite clear that most of the users of this platform seem to agree that this is a platform which seems insolvent. The fact that most of your currencies are stored in a cold offline address guarantees security.

Dividend payment seemed to be delayed a little bit due to traffic but eventually, most members who were waiting for their dividends have been paid and users yet to receive their dividends are encouraged to be a bit more patient.

Recently the GUI seems to have a bit of a lag since logging seems to be taking longer than usual. Trying to log into the trading charts is also a bit delayed and affected users wanted to bring this to light so that the experienced team of Kucoin technicians could look into this and resolve this issue.

A user wanted to know if pyramid referrals had been stopped since he was yet to receive her referral bonus. Other users advised her that it seemed there is a bit in delay of bonus payments and nothing more.

There was a suggestion that Kucoin should also enlist ELA on their platform. Others even suggested that enlisting ELA on this platform will propel this platform even further. Other members advised newer members on how to add more coins on this website.


8.5 Total Score
Final Verdict

From the Kucoin review, we can clearly see that this is a promising platform. The platform is secure and safe to use, it’s reputable and easy to use. There is a lot hope that this platform will continue to grow and that in the near future it might end up being the top digital assets trading platform. Using this platform comes with a number of perks which definitely outweigh the few cons of this platform. The strong and easy to use interface has contributed a lot to the making of this among the most reputable platform.

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